MACOW Ξ Mandatory Access Control on Open Worlds

PDP Client Description

This library provides remote access to PDP WS-Service. The way in which it is used is the following:

[1] PDPServiceService pdp = new PDPServiceService( …)
[2] PDPService s = pdp.getPDPServicePort();
[3] s. …

Line 1 creates a manager to PDP WS-Service. This constructor requires tree different parameters.

A) URL in which PDP WS-Service has been deployed.
B) Namespace of that service.
C) PDP Service name.

A) it should be analogous to "http://localhost:9191/PDPServiceService?wsdl" replacing the bold letters to the correct values.
B) It should be exactly ""
C) It should be exactly “PDPServiceService”.

Line 3 uses “s” var providing all the PDP services.